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Welcome to S&V: The Future of Indian Strengthening!

In our journey towards becoming a developed nation, we unite as a national family. Our mission centers on fostering sustainable progress for individuals, businesses, and the countless villagers and families linked directly and indirectly to our operations. We craft homes, from luxury to necessity, in small towns and tier two/three cities, striving to cater to all needs. Simultaneously, our involvement in the mining and supply sector, particularly in essential building materials like sand and stone chips, complements our vision.

Guided by the experienced Surgeon and prestigious King George Medical College Lucknow alumna, Dr. V K Singh, our Director, embodies a dynamic personality and an unwavering commitment to humanity and nature. Under his leadership, S&V embarks on a mission to provide affordable, quality healthcare to remote areas, alongside healthcare education to bolster our nation’s professional cadre. S&V is equally dedicated to educating girls who lack opportunities due to financial constraints or guidance gaps. Director Sagar Sawan, a Civil Engineer, fuels our progress with creative ideas, a gentle disposition, and a strong desire to serve. Our motto is to collaborate, grow, and build the nation with compassion, fostering individual growth across dimensions. The S&V Group, fueled by passion and pride, is devoted to nation-building while serving humanity and Mother Earth.

Dr.VK Singh (MBBS, MS)


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Superior Construction Services

Forging a Compassionate Future

S&V Group: Dr. V K Singh, a caring Surgeon, and Sagar Sawan, an innovative Engineer, join forces. They propel healthcare to remote areas, nurture education, and unite for a compassionate, multi-dimensional nation's growth—ensuring a legacy of inclusive, sustainable progress for humanity and the Earth.

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Shared Vision

Founded on the unified vision of Directors Dr.V K Singh and Sagar Sawan.

Comprehensive Growth

Fostering multi-dimensional development across the nation.

Innovative Engineering

Director Sagar Sawan, a Civil Engineer, brings innovation to the forefront.